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Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis – Inflammation down and flare-ups decreased! (Case Study)

Supporting Rheumatoid Arthritis

All sensitive information remains confidential and permission has been sought from our client to share their story.

Vera was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in 2011. It initially started in her fingers & wrists but gradually nodules progressed to bigger joints such as kness, hips and shoulders. She experienced symptoms such as joint pain, low mood, fatigue and the impact of inflammation throughout her body.
Under rheumatology care, she was being seen every six months with two nurse appointments in between. She was given a wide range of medication, initially on sulfasalazine, hydroxychloroquine (both DMARD’s), prednisone (steroid) but she had also been on meloxicam, codeine, tramadol (all for pain relief).
Prior to working with Higher Healing, Vera took the personal decision to stop allopathic medication as she felt the side effects of being on them far outweighed the benefits. Making this decision allowed Vera to have full access to natural supplements as there would be no contraindications.

Holistic Root Cause Consultation - Driving down inflammation

Through a ‘Holistic Health – Root Cause Consultation’ we were able to dig deeper into Vera’s story, explore the systems of the body that required balancing and how they impacted each other. It was clear that both nutritional and emotional support was required to bring her body back into balance.
Based on the Root Cause Consultation, we established the following aims:

  • Boost antioxidant pools to help manage inflammation in joints and drive down inflammation with the body.
  • Identify and clear emotional trauma linked to physical symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Address nutritional deficiencies identified by reviewing all of Vera’s symptoms and body systems.
  • Support the nervous system by driving the body out of a sympathetic state.

Emotional links to Rheumatoid Arthritis

RAs is often linked emotionally to being very self-critical, having difficulty doing what you enjoy and asking others for help. This allows resentment build-up within a person while waiting for others to recognise what the individual may need. The location of the symptoms are often indicative of the themes in play; for example, if there is inflammation in the hands, there is often help that is needed with the work a person is doing.

For Vera, there was a strong theme of lack of support in her life and she resonated with this very strongly. Using the techniques of EFT, we were able to identify a significant memory in her life where she made the belief system that she cannot be a strong person.

Nutritional Support: Adopting an Anti-inflammatory Protocol

We introduced an anti-inflammatory protocol as a priority to help reduce the flare-ups, pain and inflammation in the body. Through dietary changes we worked on introducing foods that were anti-inflammatory, that would support the immune system through boosting antioxidant pools, promoting detoxification and lowering inflammation. 

We also removed foods that were driving inflammation and increasing the toxic load in the body, gluten and dairy often being common culprits. The use of natural supplements with therapeutic dosages was important to ensure we could quickly provide the body with the resources it needed to heal itself. Lifestyle changes we were also put in place to focus on reducing stress levels and pushing the body into a parasympathetic state.
In follow-up sessions, we continued to build on the changes Vera had made. It was great to see the meal recommendations and recipe suggestions made, turned into an activity Vera could do with her son, making it an activity they could both enjoy together, trying new recipes, but also bonding. 

Vera herself was the driving force in her healing, as she did an exceptional job of following through on all the advice in each of her plans. This is testament to her commitment to her health and reaping the full benefits of the health plan.

Here's what Vera had to say about the Nutritional Therapy Experience

“ I knew that I had to make changes/adjustments to my diet but I didn’t know how and where to start. Having talked to Indy about my diet, he put together a very comprehensive plan with a full range of recommendations of the supplements and foods to incorporate into my diet and the ones to eliminate plus lots of recipes to try. A couple of weeks into this protocol, I saw massive shifts in my energy levels, the joint aches were slowly disappearing, the brain fog was gradually lifting and the inflammation and flare ups were also going down. Overall, I feel a whole lot better now and back to my normal self. “


Emotional Support: Clearing emotional trauma and negative belief systems

It is important to recognise in any healing journey, there will be thoughts, emotions and negative belief systems which are driving changes within the body that are linked to negative experiences in the past.
In the Holistic Session, Vera was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help her manage these emotions on a day-to-day basis. We were able to tune into and bring down these emotions very quickly.
Through a discussion around the themes of RA, we were able to identify a significant memory in Vera’s past which linked to the theme of a lack of support. Through Matrix Reimprinting we were able to clear the trauma in that memory and imprint a new positive memory with a new belief system of ‘being loved just as she is’.
After the session, Vera was amazed at how different she felt and could no longer remember the negative memory that was affecting her.

Here's what Vera had to say about the Emotional Therapy Experience

“ I’d come across EFT prior to booking my first session with Higher Healing and I did not actually understand its importance and benefits, so, I was very skeptical when Indy recommended it as part of my holistic care plan. However, the results from my very first session were dramatic as I was able to release some of the heavy emotions and stress that I was holding on to without even realising how these impacted the chronic pain cycle I’d found myself in the past few years. Fast forward to today and I am tapping my way through every situation that arises in my life. “


Clearing flare-up symptoms through Emotional Support

Days prior to an appointment, Vera had a flare-up in her knee and in her hands to the extent that she had her hands and knees supported to prevent movement and pain. She wasn’t sure what caused the flare-up but she attributed it to general day-to-day exertion. 

Our immediate priority was to help with the pain she was experiencing. We used EFT to help alleviate the pain she was feeling (EFT is very effective for clearing pain/emotion in the body). Just before the EFT session, Vera rated her pain as a 10 and after a couple of rounds of EFT we were able to get her pain down to a 4 which was a significant improvement for her. 

Interestingly, when we explored the pain, feelings of confusion and tiredness were appearing. We used a technique to follow this energy which linked us to several significant memories in Vera’s past where she felt that exact same emotion and feeling in her body. 

From there we worked on a key memory in Vera’s life when she had moved to this country and felt confused. We cleared the trauma in this memory and worked on several aspects/themes which came up in the memory. At the end of the session, she was able to take off her hand support gloves and wiggle her fingers freely with no pain. 

This goes to show how powerful our subconscious thoughts and emotions are in driving our physical symptoms.

Here's what Vera had to say about the Matrix Reimprinting Experience

“ Matrix Reimprinting was totally new to me and something that I’d never heard of prior to my first session. I did feel uneasy during the first session as I wasn’t ready to share /discuss my heavily guarded past experiences with anyone. Indy somehow sensed this and calmly and patiently walked me through the process and I was very amazed how I quickly became comfortable and confident pouring out my past & emotions. I now very much look forward to my sessions and working through releasing and letting go of. “


Progress after 3 Holistic sessions - Reduced flare-ups, pain and increased energy levels

At this stage in Vera’s health journey, she has seen a really positive improvement in her RA symptoms.
Her RA flare-ups have significantly decreased and when they do occur, they are shorter in severity and frequency. Symptoms such as brain fog, memory and concentration have improved too. Abdominal pain and bloating has improved, her energy levels have increased and she doesn’t experience blood sugar fluctuations. 

Vera is now very aware and in-tune with her body-mind connection and is able to identify the things in her life (internal and external) that trigger her symptoms. As a result she has been able to make big changes in her life which have resulted in a significant reduction in stress levels. 

Vera has seen a marked difference in how she feels about herself and her life through clearing negative emotions of the past. She is keen to continue working on these emotional memories of the past to help clear her energy body, create new positive belief systems and continue to heal on a deeper level.

Here's what Vera had to say about working with Higher Healing

" Working with Higher Healing has made me realise how I defined myself with some set limiting beliefs which were holding me back & contributing to my overall poor health. I came out of my very first session feeling very listened to and cared for as an individual, it was the first time anybody had suggested looking deeper into the actual root cause(s) of the disease and not just handing me numerous prescriptions which in my opinion managed my symptoms and made me feel even worse and worse with barely any changes to how I felt. Indy has been extremely patient, understanding and supportive during this journey so far. I am feeling extremely positive and a whole lot healthier than I’ve been in the past 9 years. "