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Healing Acne/Dermatitis and Amenorrhoea – Periods returned and Acne cleared! (Case Study)


All sensitive information remains confidential and permission has been sought from our client to share their story.

Georgia is currently in her early 20’s and had suffered with skin issues for the past 5 years. This started with seborrheic dermatitis at around the age of 14. She has been under the care of a private dermatologist who diagnosed her with dermatitis, acne and rosacea. 

Throughout this time, Georgia noted her skin seemed to get worse throughout the day. She has used topical steroid creams and the antibiotic lymecycline which helped her symptoms initially. However, each time she stopped using these medications, her symptoms returned. 

Georgia was also using the contraceptive pill, and was advised to come off this by her dermatologist. Upon discontinuing use, she struggled with an absence of her periods which troubled her. 

Georgia was aware that high stress and poor food choices had an impact on her skin but she wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly what was causing the inflammation on her skin. Her symptoms affected her mental health on a daily basis, as she felt she couldn’t leave the house without makeup on, fearful of others noticing the redness on her face.

Georgia chose to work with Higher Healing because she wanted to get to the root cause of her symptoms and support her health through natural diet and lifestyle changes. She also wanted to stay on a vegan diet through this process. 

Here is a snapshot of Georgia’s skin prior to working with Higher Healing:

Georgia's Acne and Dermatitis before working with Higher Healing

Naturopathic Nutrition Root Cause Consultation

Through a ‘Naturopathic Nutrition – Root Cause Consultation’ we were able to dig deeper into Georgia’s story, explore the systems of the body that required balancing and how they impacted each other. 

It was established that Georgia’s main aims were to get her periods back as soon as possible and clear the acne/dermatitis on her face. There were several systems of the body that were under significant stress, which would require support. These included the skin, reproductive, detoxification and immune systems. She had relatively few gastrointestinal symptoms which was positive to see.

Based on the Root Cause Consultation, we established the following aims:

  • Reduce sebum production in the face to prevent acne breakouts.
  • Drive down inflammation within the skin and generally within the body.
  • Promote phase 2 detoxification pathways to help clear excess toxins and hormones within the body.
  • Address nutritional deficiencies identified by reviewing all of Georgia’s symptoms and factoring in a vegan diet.

Nutritional Support: Balancing hormones and driving down inflammation

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common chronic inflammatory skin condition. It can be associated with itching, and it primarily affects sebum-rich areas, such as the scalp, face, upper chest, and back. Both dermatitis and acne are inflammatory conditions. 

Therefore, in the first instance it was important to put Georgia onto an anti-inflammatory diet, supporting her with plant based foods that would help to lower inflammation. Being on a vegan diet, Omega-3 intake in the diet was low and this was supported through good-quality supplementation. 

Another key component of the initial plan was optimising the function of Georgia’s detoxification pathways, with methylation being a key detoxification pathway to focus on. This would help clear excess hormones and toxins from her body which would have been contributing to her symptoms. Ensuring she had the key nutrients through her diet and through supplements using therapeutic dosages was important in order to support these detoxification pathways. 

Clearing and regulating her hormone levels was an important step to help ensure Georgia’s periods returned successfully. In follow-up sessions we focused our attention more on balancing hormones and introduced more phytoestrogen and progesterone rich foods into her diet to help regulate hormones more efficiently. 

Georgia was also asked to remove all forms of gluten from her diet as it has a strong link with inflammatory conditions in the body, this would support lowering the burden of inflammation but also toxins.

Georgia was advised to introduce all the diet recommendations gradually into her diet, rather than all at once, this prevented the recommendations becoming a source of stress for her. Credit to Georgia, she committed herself fully to plan and really embraced all of the dietary changes in a positive way.

Here’s what Georgia had to say about the Naturopathic Nutrition experience

“ I have loved having my sessions with Indy. From the initial consultation, he made me feel very at ease and confident in myself that I would be able to heal. After about 6 months of working with him, I managed to get my cycle back and my skin seems to have settled down also. As a plant based eater, I was already aware of beneficial and harmful foods on the body, however having Indy’s guidance allowed me to eliminate certain food groups, in a safe manner e.g. gluten and introduce other food groups such as fermented foods. He also gave me an in depth explanation of the foods that I was eating so I was able to see the variety of vitamins and minerals I was getting at each meal. Based on my symptoms he also gave me vitamin recommendations to take daily, which I am still taking now. I feel like the nutrition plan really helped me in my healing journey “


Lifestyle Support: Significantly reducing stress levels

When we are stressed, our bodies send blood to our sense organs and muscles to help best prepare for the threat we are currently dealing with. In doing so blood flow goes away from our digestive and reproductive organs, and as a result they no longer function optimally. 

Georgia experienced anxiety regularly due to her skin condition and was also worried about the absence of her periods. From a lifestyle perspective, in order to support Georgia, it was key to help her bring her stress levels down (both physically and emotionally). 

Georgia enjoys physical exercise often engaging in circuit training, HIIT training as well as running. At this stage in her healing journey, it was important to reduce the physical stress on the body. It was recommended to switch to more gentle forms of exercise such as Yoga or Qi-gong. 

Eating food had become a source of stress for Georgia as she was worried about whether the food she was eating was beneficial for her. Explaining the mind-body connection and how important our thoughts and emotions are to our health was important for Georgia to understand. This also helped to reduce the stress around eating food. 

We focused on introducing more ‘me’ time for Georgia and introducing gentle exercises, changes to her daily routines and breathwork techniques, which helped reduce the day-to-day stress Georgia was experiencing.

In follow up sessions, we introduced skincare habits to ensure efficient detoxification around her face to help prevent any future breakouts.

Here’s what Georgia had to say about the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) experience

“ I had never heard of EFT before my session with Indy but was very open to give it a try to help reduce my anxiety. It’s a very simple process and after a few practices it’s easy to get grips with it. After my first session doing this process with Indy my anxiety already felt a lot calmer. Since this session I have tried incorporating this into my morning routines or at times when I feel anxious. I would recommend this for those people that are trying to control their anxiety. “


Current Progress To Date - 3 Sessions - Periods have returned and acne/dermatitis significantly decreased

In our three sessions together to date (spaced over 4 months), we have successfully been able to get Georgia’s cycle back. Successfully adopting all the nutritional and lifestyle changes helped bring about this shift. They allowed Georgia to stay in a parasympathetic state (rest and repair) which allowed her body to bring itself back into homeostasis (balance). 

With regards to Georgia’s skin, at this stage in Georgia’s health journey, we have seen a significant reduction in her acne and dermatitis. Her acne has almost gone and the texture on her skin has improved a lot. Georgia has commented on how better she feels with her skin now and that she feels in a better place emotionally.

Getting to the root with Emotional Therapy

Georgia has mentioned that she still gets redness on her face, interestingly at specific times during the day. We are working on clearing this by exploring emotional memories of the past that are linked to her face redness. We were able to identify a memory of when she was young and had to present in front of her class which wasn’t a pleasant experience and caused her to go red in the face. 

[It is important to be aware that physical symptoms can be triggered by significant emotional memories in the past which are being triggered by our subconscious mind in the present moment.]

We have now cleared this memory through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique] and using Matrix Reimprinting and so we look forward to seeing the benefit of this session. We also identified other memories to work on in order to get to the emotional root of her symptoms. 

As we continue to progress on this journey we will look to update you on Georgia’s progress to date.

Here’s what Georgia had to say about the Matrix Reimprinting experience

“ I was pretty content with how my healing was going from a nutritional side of things but after speaking to Indy I was keen to explore Matrix Reimprinting. This involved going back to a vulnerable time in my childhood, looking back into the memory and redesigning it. It was quite an emotional experience but I feel it is a beneficial one for those that are holding on to things in the past. I had a really good upbringing and not traumatic in the slightest, however after talking to Indy it made me realize that certain situations that I was put in have contributed to how I feel and act in certain situations today. So going back and revisiting this is beneficial to my healing journey. “


Here’s what Georgia had to say about working with Higher Healing

“ Overall, my experience with Higher Healing has been great. Not only have they helped me get my cycle back, I have also made changes to my diet and lifestyle that will stick with me forever! It completely changed my perception on exercise. With amenorrhea I was told to stop exercising, for me this was tough as I exercised every day, however it made me look to alternatives such as yoga, Qui Gong and walking and made me look at exercise in a different light. The lifestyle changes such as mediation, diaphragmatic breathing, journaling and self-care that Indy prescribed me, are all practices I incorporate into my daily routine and for that I am very grateful for. If you feel like you have tried everything you possibly can with your healing journey, I would definitely recommend Higher Healing, they’ll help you get to the root cause and guide you through your healing process. “