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Clearing emotional issues to heal to the physical body (Case Study)


All sensitive information remains confidential and permission has been sought from our clients to share their story.

Jane is in her late 40’s and she came to see Higher Healing focusing on resolving her stomach issues and recurring pain in her bladder. She had been experiencing these symptoms for a long period of time; her UTIs and pain in her bladder for almost 10 years and stomach issues for almost 40 years. Over this time she had developed food sensitivities and sensitivities to supplements too.

She had to adopt a low FODMAP diet which helped manage her symptoms to some extent and eat very bland foods. Essentially her body and immune system had become very sensitive, reacting to multiple sources in her environment.
She wanted to try a natural and more holistic approach to resolving her symptoms and health concerns.

"Working with Higher Healing - overall a very powerful, positive and happy experience. I know that I will take the tools that I have learned from Higher Healing and use them throughout life. It was very empowering. I often find myself referring back to Higher Healing emails which outlined plans. The whole experience has made me a stronger person."


Root Cause Consultation - Getting to the root of her symptoms

From the root cause consultation, it was clear that there were several body systems under stress that needed support, from the nervous system to, gastrointestinal, endocrine and reproductive system.

A protocol was put in place initially focusing on promoting the clearance of toxins from the body and working on the gut. It was established that the nutrition and supplementation protocol required to help Jane, was difficult for her to follow at that moment in time. Jane wasn’t in a position to take certain supplements because of her food sensitivities and reactivity to supplements, and a gentler approach was needed to build her system up, and reduce her sensitivities.

Fortunately, Jane had decided to take the Holistic Health route which focused on physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to healing. It is important to recognise for anyone who is on their own healing journey, when it comes to symptoms of the body, whether it is something as simple as a cold or a more serious health condition, there is always a mind, body, soul imbalance at play.

Therefore, focusing our attention more on the mind and the soul for healing was going to be important to help clear blocked energies within the energy body and promote healing on a physical level.

Understanding the emotional - physical connection with the bladder and the stomach

We tend to separate the body and the mind but the truth is they are one and the same system – there is no difference between them. What the mind holds (thoughts and beliefs), affects the body and conversely, how the body is performing affects the mind because they are the same system.

 In our sessions, we spent time exploring the emotional-physical connection between the symptoms Jane was experiencing and their themes. Here is a summary of themes surrounding the bladder and stomach:

  • Bladder Emotional Themes. The bladder is generally linked around the themes of: “feeling pissed off with people in authority. Feeling helpless & disempowered to change circumstances.”
  • Stomach Emotional Themes. The stomach is generally linked around the themes of: “storing old abuse; storing resentment, anger, vengeance, injustice; betrayal within a close relationship.”

When we explored the themes of the bladder and the stomach in detail, through memory work and using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Jane, we uncovered several themes which resonated with her and closely aligned with the themes mentioned above.

These themes linked back to significant memories and traumatic events which took place in her childhood and teenage years. They involved bullying, sexual abuse and family trauma. Each of these key memories would have created or reinforced negative belief systems within her subconscious mind. These belief systems would have been causing her to be triggered in the present moment, causing her to become stressed/anxious and as a result causing her body to make physical adaptations in order to best respond to these issues (which is what we call ‘ill health’).

It was clear from this work, that in order to heal at the physical level, we needed to heal at an emotional level first.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting to clear the trauma

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are very safe, effective and powerful tools for clearing traumatic memories from our past but also for re-writing these memories and the belief systems they hold (which is where the magic happens).

When negative belief systems are re-written into positive ones, the body responds to this new belief in a positive way. It’s like a new vibration and healing energy comes into the body, allowing any blocked energy to flow freely, thereby nourishing the body.

Credit to Jane for having the courage for sharing these memories with me, as often it can be difficult to even think about traumatic memories in the past. Thankfully, with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, we can clear these traumas in a very safe way without needing a lot of information, so we can prevent a person from reliving that trauma again.

We first started by introducing Jane to EFT by getting her to tune into the energy within her body. Jane was able to do this with ease and she picked up the tapping technique well. In her session, she was surprised at how quickly she was able to reduce anxiety and other negative emotions from the body.

We then used a variation of the EFT technique to help identify memories from her past that needed clearing. Jane initially was drawn to a family event in her childhood where she was left out and felt alone. Through Matrix Reimprinting we transformed this memory and the negative belief system behind it into a really positive memory for her.

Once Jane began experiencing the benefits of Matrix Reimprinting and we discovered more traumatic memories from her past. She actively chose for more sessions to begin healing deeper wounds from the past as she realised the importance of this work and how they were connected to her physical symptoms. Some of these memories were real significant traumas that impacted the way Jane looked and felt about herself.

This work has had a profound impact on Jane and when she looks back at these memories, she only sees the new memories and the new positive belief systems formed from this.

"It’s a whole different outlook, one which I never realised could exist.  The therapy helps me to work through problems myself, which I would never have been able to do before."


Future Matrix Reimprinting, Affirmation and Spiritual Wellness

During our work together, we also completed a Future Matrix Reimprinting session. This is where an individual is introduced to a future version of themselves who has already healed and they imprint a new memory based on this interaction. This allows you to pull the future version of yourself into the present moment more quickly and is very powerful and insightful.

We also created an affirmation script tailored specifically to Jane based on her limiting belief systems. This has proved to be very effective for Jane and has become a daily mantra for her. Personalising our affirmation statements (rather than repeating affirmations that others have created) can resonate more strongly with the change we need to make within ourselves.

We also delved deeper into spiritual wellbeing concepts such as our identity and reclaiming our personal power and letting go of low vibration emotional states. Spiritual healing can be the most powerful healer of all and it can truly shift perspectives holding our health back, helping to identify lessons needing to be learnt and allowing us to reclaim our personal power which is often lost out into the world.

"I can relate to past events in a different way now.  Instead of going back to the past and focusing on difficult and stressful events.  It has helped me to see the love and the happiness which was around at that time.  I don’t think about the difficulty of these events as much now, it feels like they don’t define me anymore.  "


Progress to Date - Increased confidence; strength; decreased reactivity; bloating and excessive gas gone

Jane is very now very aware and in tune with her body both physically and mentally. She often thinks about how her thoughts and emotions are impacting her nutrition and symptoms and are able to shift thought patterns. She knows to trust and listen to her body more and let it guide her with food too. 

Jane has reported that her confidence levels, self-esteem, and her outlook on life have all improved significantly. She also feels that she has a lot more strength within her which is fantastic.

Jane has also moved onto a low oxalate diet which has helped with lowering the pain she experienced while urinating and eliminating bloating and excessive wind symptoms. She has reported less reactivity with food and feels confident that she is heading in the right direction.

Most importantly (and the aspect we are most proud of), is that Jane says she now feels unashamed and has a feeling of self-love with her that she has never felt before. The feeling of self-love is an energy that heals the body, and Jane now feels that too.