Combining Naturopathy and Nutrition Therapy

Our consultations are designed combining the knowledge from gained from qualifying in Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy. As result they are based on a set of principles which are holistic in nature looking at the individual as a whole (Mind, Body and Spirit) as well as focusing on treating the individual rather than the illness. 

We look to provide a range of treatment options best suited to you as an individual and based on your health goals.


What happens in our Root Cause Consultations?

1. We get to know you.

In order for us to help you we need to get to know you as an individual. The Root Cause Consultation is our opportunity to discuss your symptoms in detail and to establish your long-term health goals. We will ask you to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire prior to the consultation. This questionnaire involves questions around your:

  • Present health issues
  • Current eating habits
  • Family medical history
  • Questions around your primary body systems

 At Higher Healing, we value having a strong relationship between practitioner and client. Through openness and honesty, we listen to your story, understand your present health concerns and really get to know you. Confidentiality and trust is of upmost importance to us, so please be rest assured that any information that is shared between the practitioner and client remains anonymous and confidential. 


2. We look to uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

Based on the information provided in your questionnaire will explore specific body system linked to your present health issues to try and determine the root cause of any imbalance or illness. What we are trying to identify are the triggers which caused your symptoms to start and the potential mediators in your life that are maintaining or progressing your symptoms. 

In chronic cases, we may recommend functional testing in order to determine the root cause. These tests allow in-depth analysis of specific systems of the body which then allow us to see exactly what happening in your body. This allows us to direct our recommendations specifically to how your body is behaving. 


3. We explain how we'll restore balance to your body.

As practitioners our job is to make sure you understand what is happening in your body.

Together we will agree a realistic nutritional plan for you to adopt healthy food and lifestyle choices on a daily basis to progress towards your health goals.

Recommendations are provided on foods to increase and decrease, supplements to overcome any nutrient deficiencies or for health maintenance use and lifestyle choices to improve your health or to maintain your well-being.

Being in balance with nature

4. We provide you with a naturopathic lifestyle and nutritional plan.

We will provide you with a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle plan based on what was discussed in the consultation. This will include all food types and natural supplements we feel are necessary to support your symptoms with a fully explanation on why you need them.

The plans will also include nutritional and lifestyle handouts where applicable to provide further guidance and support.   


5. Ensure you are ready to go!

We are happy to provide support, after the Root Cause Consultation to all our clients. It may be there is something you haven’t fully understood or you may want to recap on specific food types or supplements. It’s important to us that you feel you are happy with the plan provided and be fully committed to it. There are set allocated times in the evening where we are ready to take your calls or simply reply by email. 


What happens in our Health and Wellness Sessions?

The Health and Wellness Sessions are our opportunity to review the nutritional and lifestyle plan and assess your progress from the Root Cause Consultation. Typically Health and Wellness Sessions take place every 4-6 weeks to allow enough time to implement the nutritional plan and let the nutrients and lifestyle changes take effect within the body. 

We will be reviewing the initial goals you have set for yourself and seeing how best we can continue to support you on your healing journey. We will look at any changes in your symptoms, general well-being and any new symptoms that may have arisen.

We’ll also look to assess how you found the nutritional plan and make adjustments to help you as we progress through your healing journey. If you are struggling with the plan we will look at ways to simplify this for you or change the approach to ensure you still achieve your health goals.  

Typically, as a client progresses and their symptoms improve we will look to introduce additional nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.  We achieve this by exploring different elements of an individual’s life that influence healing.

At Higher Healing, we believe no matter what stage of health there is always a higher level to attain whether physically, mentally or spiritually. We are here to support you achieve that higher level of health of healing.


How many consultations will I need?

This will ultimately depend on your symptoms, how chronic your condition is and your body’s innate healing response. Our relationship together is a journey to help you get you back to optimal health and we are here to help and support you however much or as little as you require.

Usually consultations over a 3-6 month period will be provide a sufficient amount of time to get you on track with your health goals. However, with more serious health conditions where a lot of changes to diet and lifestyle are required, further consultations will be needed to support you through progressive changes over a longer period of time (6 -12 months).

Once the main symptoms have been addressed, clients often want to explore other aspects of their being to promote a deeper level of healing and a higher level of health. This is a naturally progression of the relationship developed between practitioner and client and is tailored specific to your needs and requirements. Other clients like to setup a yearly visit to maintain their well-being and to make adjustments through different life stages (eg. pregnancy, menopause, grief, stressful times, retirement).

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