Offering a truly holistic approach to our consultations

Our consultations are designed combining the knowledge gained from our training in Nutritional TherapyNaturopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting.

They are based on a set of principles which are holistic in nature, looking at the individual as a whole (Mind, Body, Soul) as well as focusing on treating the individual rather than the illness. 

We provide a number of consultation paths that allow to you to choose the healing modality best suited to you as an individual and based on your health goals. We are happy to advise and support you in making this decision through a free health assessment

Your Healing Journey with Higher Healing

We have 3 health paths available based on the healing modalities you want to work with:

Emotional Therapy

which combines EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to help clear emotional trauma from the energy body. 

Naturopathic Nutrition

which combines Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy to address imbalances in the physical body.

Holistic Therapy

which is a combination of Emotional Therapy, Naturopathic Nutrition and includes spiritual wellness to support the body, mind and soul.

All consultations journeys start with a ‘Root Cause Consultation’ as we look to determine the root cause of your symptoms. The outcome of this consultation then becomes the basis of all of our future ‘Health and Wellness Sessions’ together. 

As you can see in the diagram above, the ‘Emotional Therapy’ and ‘Naturopathic Nutrition’ paths are separate journeys as they use different healing modalities.

The Holistic Health path however has been designed with all healing modalities combined into one consultation. Therefore, choosing this path allows access to all healing modalities for a more comprehensive and deeper healing experience. 

Examples of Consultation Journeys Taken by Clients

We have put together examples of how clients have worked with us, so you can get a better idea of what your health journey might look like with Higher Healing.

Normal Consultation Journeys

Normal consultation journeys, involve clients choosing one of the paths mentioned above and following this through with regular sessions until they reach their health goals. Here are examples for each of the routes available to you:

Emotional Consultation Typical Path

A client will come in for ‘Root Cause Consultation’ due to a emotional or physical issues that have an emotional root. Through EFT techniques we are able to trace these emotional issues back to specific memories earlier on in life. Then systematically we start to clear the negative memories in a safe and effective way with Matrix Reimprinting. The new empowering memory is then reimprinted at home by the client for 21 days to reinforce the memory into their subconscious mind. 

Emotional ‘Health and Wellness Sessions’ are typically booked in every 4 weeks to clear more memories identified in the ‘Root Cause Consultation’ until the symptoms have cleared or health goals have been achieved.

Nutritional Consultation Typical Path

In a nutritional ‘Root Cause Consultation’, body systems that are out of balance are identified, diet and lifestyle habits are evaluated. A naturopathic health plan is developed (typically sent 2-3 days after days after consultation) to bring the physical body back into balance through nutritional and lifestyle changes. 

The follow-up nutritional ‘Health and Wellness Sessions’ are typically booked every 4-6 weeks which is allows enough time for our clients to implement the recommendations and see changes in their symptoms. 

There is also a 15-min catch-up call available after every session for clients to ask questions about the plan if they need to do so.  

Holistic Consultation Typical Path

In a ‘Holistic Health Root Cause Consultation’, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances are evaluated to get to the root cause of illness in the body. An EFT and Matrix Reimprinting session will take place to address emotional imbalances and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are made whilst spiritual health is evaluated too.

Holistic ‘Health & Wellness Sessions’ are typically 4-6 weeks apart. At a certain point in the journey clients feel that they are emotionally stronger and decide to focus on naturopathic nutritional on an ongoing basis. This also works the other way around too; where some clients feeling in a strong place with nutrition but recognised there is more emotional work to do. 

The holistic health path gives clients the flexibility to choose their healing journey.  

Consultation Journeys requiring further support

Often clients with chronic and more serious conditions they require further support than our normal consultations journeys. This is decided by the client based on the findings from the Root Cause Consultation and the level of support they want from us. 

Here are some examples of client journeys where they have required additional support:

Emotional Consultation Path Nutrition

Clients have started on an Emotional Therapy path and then realised further down the healing journey that they would like nutritional support to help their healing progress even further.  

At this point a ‘Nutritional Root Cause Consultation’ is booked in and then the subsequent ‘Health and Wellness Sessions’ have taken place every 4-6 weeks. 

Nutrition Consultation Path + Emotional

In this scenario, clients have started on a Naturopathic Nutrition path (our most popular path) and then realised the importance of addressing negative belief system or emotional trauma which are held within the energy body. Emotional therapy is effectively working on the roots of the illness and it is important to remember that all illnesses within the body have an emotional root to them.

Holistic Consultation - Emotional

In this scenario, we have clients who wanted the holistic approach to allow for a deeper level of healing. After the ‘Root Cause Consultation’ it is clear that they have experienced a lot of emotional trauma (often in their childhood leading into adolescence). 

In this situation, it was discussed and agreed that it is really important to clear the emotional trauma as soon as possible to get the energy body flowing freely. Strong energy blockages will often block the benefits that nutrition would have otherwise as nutrients are not digested, absorbed or assimilated effectively.

Holistic Consultation - Spiritual

In this scenario, we have clients who really want to expand their spiritual development and access the health benefits of connecting to their true essence. 

Spiritual consultations can be booked additionally on a ad-hoc basis through a direct contact with your practitioner. 

Spiritual consultations are only available through a Holistic Health path. 

How many consultations will I need?

Naturopathic Based ConsultationsThe number of consultations will ultimately depend on the presenting symptoms, how chronic the condition is, the individuals health goals, the protocol required to bring balance to the body and the individuals body’s innate healing ability. Our goal as practitioners is to provide the support and advice to get you back to optimal health as quick as the healing process allows.

Usually consultations over a 3-6 month period will be provide a sufficient amount of time to get you on track with your health goals. However, with more serious health conditions, where a lot of changes to diet, lifestyle and emotional therapy are required; further consultations will be needed to support you through progressive changes over a longer period of time (6 -12 months).

Once the main symptoms have been addressed, clients often want to explore other aspects of their being to promote a deeper level of healing and a higher level of health. This is a naturally progression of the relationship developed between practitioner and client and is tailored specific to your needs and requirements. Other clients like to setup a yearly visit to maintain their well-being and to make adjustments through different life stages (eg. pregnancy, menopause, grief, stressful times, retirement).

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