Consultation Process

Offering a truly holistic approach to our consultations

Our consultations are designed to combine the knowledge gained from our training in Nutritional TherapyNaturopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting and spiritual principles around health.

They are based on a set of principles that are holistic in nature, looking at the individual as a whole (Mind, Body, Soul) as well as focusing on treating the individual rather than the illness. 

We provide a number of consultation paths that allow you to choose the healing modality best suited to you as an individual and based on your health goals. We are happy to advise and support you in making this decision through a free health assessment

Your Healing Journey with Higher Healing

We have 3 health paths available based on the healing modalities or areas you want to work with:

Emotional Therapy

utilises EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other mental health techniques to help clear negative emotions connected to mental or physical symptoms. 

Naturopathic Nutrition

which combines Naturopathy (Natural approaches to health) and Nutritional Therapy to address imbalances in the physical body.

Holistic Therapy

which is a combination of ‘Emotional Therapy’, ‘Naturopathic Nutrition’ and includes spiritual wellness to support the body, mind and soul in bringing the body back to optimal health.

Each health path starts of with a ‘Root Cause Consultation‘ to explore the your symptoms in more detail, establish the root cause and create a tailored plan to start you on your healing journey. 

All ‘Follow-Up Sessions‘ are then designed to build upon the plan created in the ‘Root Cause Consultation’, through reviewing symptoms, assessing what is important to you and ensuring that you are fully supported throughout the whole process. 

What is important to us is that you feel empowered, supported and feel you have the right tools to get your health back on track.

Emotional Therapy

Our emotional therapy path is based on getting to the emotional root connected with your physical and mental symptoms. It is worth noting, that all physical symptoms have an emotional connection to them whether it be a cold or something more serious like an autoimmune condition. 

Our bodies are constantly making physical adaptations to the emotions and belief systems that are held within our conscious and subconscious minds. When we clear these negative emotions and belief systems the body can then turn to balance and heal itself. The change can be truly transformative. 

There are two main therapies that we use in our emotional therapy sessions which are:

If you want more information on these therapies, just click on the links above. 

What they provide is a safe and effective way to help you manage your emotions effectively on a day-to-day basis but also to get resolution on traumas, old wounds or negative beliefs that have been holding you back in life and have been contributing to your health symptoms. 

Discovering the emotional connections to your symptoms

Often clients come to see us knowing there is emotional work to be done but they don’t know what it may be linked to, where it all started or how it is connected to their health symptoms. Through our therapies and several other approaches, we can help you identify the themes and significant memories (often coming from childhood) that are affecting your health. Often having this awareness alone is very profound and impactful as they can finally see the connection.   

Clearing Emotional Trauma

There are many people who have been through significant life-changing events and have found that traditional psychotherapies haven’t worked for them. This is often because the belief systems formed from these events haven’t been resolved, which is critical for moving forward and returning to optimal health.

Matrix Reimprinting is an amazing technique that not only helps clear the trauma from the memory but also allows you to reimprint a new positive memory and new empowering belief system in its place. Stops you from being triggered by memories from the past and is very effective for helping with anxiety and stress levels.  

hands together being grateful

Naturopathic Nutrition

Our Naturopathic Nutrition path is designed to address the functional imbalances within the body to restore homeostasis (balance) allowing for optimal health to return to the body.

We utilise our knowledge from being qualified in both Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy to provide the most natural and effective plan tailored to the individual and their symptoms.   

There are 12 main systems of the body and they are all interconnected with one another. We can’t get to the root cause of imbalances within the body without taking into account the body as a whole. That’s why in our consultations we assess all of the symptoms of the body and then do the necessary detective work to understand how they are impacting each other and the systems of the body we need to support. 

Our naturopathic nutrition plans support nutritional, supplementation, lifestyle and functional testing guidance and support. We are also able to provide a 10% discount on all supplements recommended.


Holistic Therapy

Our holistic therapy path is designed for a complete 360 approach to health. It looks to address imbalances on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  It utilises all the therapies covered in ‘Emotional Therapy’ and ‘Naturopathic Nutrition’ and as well as exploring spiritual wellness

This path is useful for those individuals who are aware that they require emotional support and nutritional support. 

When a person begins to explore spiritual wellness in regards to their health they realise that it can often be one of the most powerful healing modalities. It is all about reclaiming your personal power, realising your potential and 


How many consultations will I need?

Naturopathic Based ConsultationsThe number of consultations will depend on the presenting symptoms, how chronic the condition is, the individual’s health goals, the protocol required to bring balance to the body and the individual’s body’s innate healing ability. Our goal as practitioners is to provide the support and advice to get you back to optimal health as quickly as the healing process allows.

We typically recommend seeking support for at least a 3 month period to provide a sufficient amount of time to get you on track with your health goals. However, with more serious health conditions, where a lot of changes to diet, lifestyle and emotional therapy are required; further consultations will be needed to support you through progressive changes over a longer period of time up to 6 months.

Once the main symptoms have been addressed, clients often want to explore other aspects of their being to promote a deeper level of healing and a higher level of health. This is a natural progression of the relationship developed between practitioner and client and is tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. Other clients like to set up a yearly visit to maintain their well-being and to make adjustments through different life stages (eg. pregnancy, menopause, grief, stressful times, retirement).

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