1. What is involved in a consultation?

Please visit our consultation page to find out more information on what happens in our initial and follow-up consultations. 


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2. How long will it take to start feeling better?

As practitioners our aim is to help you take back control of your health in as few consultations as possible. Our nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are designed so you start feeling immediate improvements whilst working deeper on your long term health goals. 

How long the healing process takes will depend on the individuals innate healing ability, the severity of the symptoms and the level of compliance to plan that has been recommended. Typically clients with minimal symptoms or who want a check-up can be supported in as little as 3 to 6 months; whereas more chronic cases can take longer to fully heal, requiring 6 to 12 months. 

Whatever level of support you require from us we are ready to take you to a higher level of health. Often clients who have healed their symptoms decide to come back for a bi-annual ‘MOT’ to keep on track of their health.



3. Do I need to let my GP know that i'm working with a Nutritional Therapist?

At Higher Healing, our aim is to work with and you and your GP to help get your health back on track. During our consultations we will always ask your permission to contact your GP if needed. Often there are many tests that are free through the NHS such as full blood test, vitamin D or vitamin B12 levels, which we can recommendation to be carried out if applicable. 

Also, in a consultation if we identify any symptoms that we feel warrant further investigation, we will ask you to visit your GP to discuss these to rule out any dangerous or life-threatening illnesses.

If you are on medication from your GP, the nutritional and lifestyle plan will be tailored to take these into consideration to avoid any interactions.



4. Will I have to use functional testing?

Functional tests are useful in determining exactly what is going on within the body. With this knowledge a targeted plan can be put together to bring the body back into balance. You may be recommended functional tests to help identify the best strategy and the reasons for doing the test, the cost and expected results will always be discussed with you. 

If tests are needed these will be carried out following a consultation and the results will be analysed and discussed with you in a subsequent consultation.

Visit the functional testing page to learn more about the different types of test available.


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5. Will I have to take supplements?

Our main aim is to always support your health goals through good nutrition and positive lifestyle changes. Often at the start of a clients health journey they are low on key nutrients and the use of supplements is an effective way to boost nutrient levels (therapeutic dose) to help the healing response take effect.

All supplements that we provide to clients are natural and carefully selected to minimise unnecessary fillers and preservatives that are typically found in lower quality supplements. During our follow-up consultations we will review any supplements recommended and the dosage levels needed to support you effectively. Typically as a clients symptoms improve we will naturally look to reduce their supplement intake.


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6. Can I take supplements whilst on medication?

Prior to a consultation it is important that we have a full list of any prescribed medications that you are taking as certain supplements can interact with certain medications. When we create our supplement recommendations, we will review any medications against a Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database which provides in-depth scientifically validated studies and information on supplement and any potential drug-nutrient interactions. 

We ensure that all nutritional and lifestyle plans have to been reviewed against this process to ensure they are safe and efficacious for our clients. 


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