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Higher Healing Testimonials

For anyone wishing to explore any health issues at a deeper level, I can certainly recommend Indy Bansil of Higher Healing as a man of great insight and integrity. Indy is a man who will listen and work with you to look beyond surface issues and symptoms so as to accrue lasting benefits mind, body and spirit.

Terry, Digestive Issues

This was an educational experience which made me feel supported and understood. I learnt a lot about my health and was able to understand the root cause of my symptoms. Putting the pieces together created a much clearer picture on my health which helped to cement the new lifestyle habits and nutritional changes suggested by Indy. I also found the website easy to navigate and the appointment process very straight forward.

Melissa, Acne and Migraines

Acne has been a part of my life since about the age of 11, so at the age of 23 I’d pretty much exhausted the doctors topical treatments and antibiotic options. Like many others the pill had me under false pretences until I decided I didn’t want to be on it anymore and low and behold the acne came back with a vengeance. If you have acne, you know how thought consuming it is and how it dictates your every day-to-day decision, so feeling at a loss with where to go next I came across Higher Healing. After scrolling through their website I knew this was going to be the start of my journey to clear skin but before even knowing what this would entail I knew it would be a long journey but I was so ready to commit to whatever it would take. I’ve been working with Roma for a little while now and I have achieved so much more than what I initially intended to do. I have never felt more aligned with myself and who I am in this universe. I find that doors keep opening and new opportunities to learn and grow both emotionally and spiritually keep arising. I often feel a deep sense of joy and compassion for myself which has been imperative to healing my skin. Experiencing anxiety has also been something I’ve struggled with, but now waking up with dread and anxiety is becoming less and less of a familiar routine and a much less experienced feeling in my life. Roma’s approach to healing my skin from the inside out has improved many aspects of my life, and when you commence your journey with Higher Healing you begin to realise everything is intertwined and once we started detangling different aspects of my health, things just started to become clearer and brighter and life just got better!! With commitment, determination and hard work (because years of acne and limiting beliefs aren’t going to disappear with one session...) I love the place where I am now and where I’m headed. A place beyond worries, opinions and limitations... and clear skin. Cliche, but finding Higher Healing has actually changed my life and helped me grow in ways I think I was always suppose to grow in but didn’t know how to or wasn’t aware of. I have taken so much away from all my time with Roma and I can’t thank her or recommend her and her experience, knowledge and general uplifting energy enough.

Josephine, Acne

Indy from the very first consultation has been knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his passion for a Naturopathic lifestyle. He explains the healing process in-depth and has been generous with his time. He responds to emails and will go out of his way to ensure whatever your issue is, that it is resolved, whether it be of a physical or emotional nature. I feel Indy has provided a lifeline to my health as we know, the internet offers a myriad of choice and therefore it's always difficult to decipher the wheat from the chaff. I feel so blessed to have found Higher Healing and have no hesitation in recommending this holistic approach to a fuller and satisfying life.

Manjit, Colitis

Working with Higher Healing has made me realise how I defined myself with some set limiting beliefs which were holding me back & contributing to my overall poor health. I came out of my very first session feeling very listened to and cared for as an individual, it was the first time anybody had suggested looking deeper into the actual root cause(s) of the disease and not just handing me numerous prescriptions which in my opinion managed my symptoms and made me feel even worse and worse with barely any changes to how I felt. Indy has been extremely patient, understanding and supportive during this journey so far. I am feeling extremely positive and a whole lot healthier than I’ve been in the past 9 years.

Vera, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Overall, my experience with Higher Healing has been great. Not only have they helped me get my cycle back, I have also made changes to my diet and lifestyle that will stick with me forever! It completely changed my perception on exercise. With amenorrhea I was told to stop exercising, for me this was tough as I exercised every day, however it made me look to alternatives such as yoga, Qui Gong and walking and made me look at exercise in a different light. The lifestyle changes such as mediation, diaphragmatic breathing, journaling and self-care that Indy prescribed me, are all practices I incorporate into my daily routine and for that I am very grateful for. If you feel like you have tried everything you possibly can with your healing journal, I would definitely recommend higher healing, they’ll help you get to the root cause and guide you through your healing process.

Georgia, Acne and Amenorrhoea